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Recent Press for GoWatchIt & Plexus Entertainment

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Handy Bookmarks: Find Streaming Movies, Cheapest Days to Fly & Beautiful Photobooks (9/1/2014):
"We’re sharing four websites worth bookmarking, including one that helps you book cheap flights, another that helps you find where your favorite TV shows and movies are streaming for free, plus more."

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GoWatchIt Movie Search & Queue app review: feed your passion for entertainment (6/16/2014):
"The GoWatchIt Movie Search app can help you find when a movie is being released on the platform you have specified, allowing you to enjoy great entertainment."

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2 great apps for finding streaming movies and TV shows (6/5/2014):
"Go Watch It adds a social element to the movie-search function."

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GoWatchIt Partners With Sundance; You'll Never Miss a Hot Indie Movie Again (1/21/2013):
"GoWatchIt is a very handy resource for keeping track of movies in an increasingly complex distribution landscape."

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Where Can You Watch the 2013 Oscar-Nominated Films? (1/13/2013):
"There are a bunch [of Oscar-nominated films] that can be streamed right this moment on your computer via Amazon, Google, YouTube and other outlets, each of which I’ve marked accordingly courtesy of GoWatchIt."

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Sundancing at home — and on the web (1/12/2013):
"For the first time, Sundance has partnered with New York-based GoWatchIt, a web service for listing which movies you want to be alerted about. When users go to the online Sundance Film Festival movie guide, each film now has a 'Watch It' button. Click on that, and you can add the movie to a queue. The free GoWatchIt service will then send you a notification on your phone when that movie begins playing at a theater near you or on a movie-streaming service you subscribe to such as Netflix or Hulu. This feature is also available on Sundance’s mobile phone app. On the app, the user can shoot a picture of the movie’s poster to put that movie in the GoWatchIt queue. 'It’s like sending yourself a reminder,' said Joseph Beyer, director of digital initiatives for the Sundance Institute. 'It’s the latest, greatest thing that sofware and technology can let us do.'"

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Here’s a Movie App That’ll Win the Hearts of Hollywood and Film Lovers Alike (9/7/2012):
"It might turn out that GoWatchIt’s greatest value is in recognizing that digital platforms don’t always have to undercut the movie industry and can instead make it better and more efficient. That way, studios still get to make money, consumers get to watch their films however they like, and we all live happily ever after."

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App Shows You How to Stream Your Movies, Recognizes Movie Posters (9/7/2012):
"We've been waiting for an app like this for a while, and it looks like GoWatchIt might fit the bill."

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New App Lets You Scan Movie Posters; Also Browse Titles with Theater, VOD and Digital Info (9/7/2012):
"One of our most sought-after movie-watching needs is a device that tells us exactly where and how we can watch a movie, especially in the ever-evolving digital arena . . . we think this GoWatchIt app is a pretty solid little toy to add to your nerdy digital collection."

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Got a movie in mind? You can Watch It right now (8/7/2012):
"From the casual movie-goer to the cinephile, from the campy movie to AFI’s top 100 classic films – Watch It is the hub for every movie lover to find out where their favorite film is playing right now."

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Where Can You Watch The Sight & Sound Top 50 Films? (8/4/2012):
" . . . carved out a page dedicated to the Sight & Sound “Greatest Films of All Time” list. Want to fire up Singin’ In the Rain? This site helps you locate it on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu … it basically breaks down your viewing options in one handy-dandy stop."

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Want To Watch The "Greatest Films Of All Time" From The Sight & Sound Poll? Here's How (8/4/2012):
". . . we thought we'd point you to, a channel letting you know where to find all 50 films in the S&S list from Netflix, to Hulu and more."

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Manage your movie queue across multiple services with Watch It (6/5/2012):
"Watch It lets you create one movie queue to rule them all: theatrical releases, streaming or download, DVD or Blu-ray, and cable video on demand."

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Watch It - Queue Your Favorite Movies Online & Get Them On Your Platform (6/4/2012):
"Watch It helps you manage the movies on your wishlist. End destination? You, enjoying the film."

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It's Showtime - Keep Track of Movie Availability with Watch It (5/18/2012):
"Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one place to keep track of that documentary your friend recommended, the Steve Carrel thing with the funny trailer, and that Ryan Gosling flick you’ve been waiting for on Netflix? Now playing: exactly that."

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Track Movies You Want to See with WatchIt (3/17/2012):
"WatchIt seems to be a good webapp for keeping track of all the movies you'd to see. Five years ago that wouldn't be necessary as I mostly watched movies from only Netflix, but now we have so many options that tools like WatchIt can save time and frustration."

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Watch It: Changing the Way You Watch TV Online (3/5/2012):
"The strength of its upcoming partners aside, if Watch It proves able to realize its unique potential, we may find ourselves turning to one source to find a movie to watch; a possibility that doesn’t sound too shabby."

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Weekend Tech Scan: Sorting through the exploding options for viewing TV, film, everything (2/18/2012):
"WatchIt, even in its beta phase, seems to be better than any other similar service I've tried."

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Roger Ebert Gives Thumbs Up to Watch It: "Makes sense to me." (2/9/2012):
"[Roger Ebert's] page will initially focus on Oscar titles, but Ebert says he'll continue to update his channel after the awards. 'It's useful for the obvious reason,' Ebert wrote in an email conversation with Indiewire. 'You don't have to search several sites to find out if a movie is available On Demand. One-stop searching. Makes sense to me.'"

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Forbes - Social Movies: Three Start-Ups That Might Boost Hollywood's Box-Office Prospects (1/27/2012):
"Watch It is an app that allows you to log your intention for seeing that movie and also share that intent with friends. The friends, in the meantime, may have learned of a new movie from you and also log that intent. Once the movie is out, everyone who wanted to see it is notified . . . [CEO David Larkin] sees potential in several directions with the idea. Not only is it a consumer app that could be highly valued, it could aggregate intent for both theaters and distributors."

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The New York Times - Award Time For Ideas That Shine - State of the Art (12/28/2011):
"At, you can find out right now where, how and if a movie is available with one quick search. You can also ask to be notified when it becomes available. (Why aren’t all movies available through all channels? The movie companies these days must have some irrational fear of giving the customers what they want.)"

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TechCrunch - With Watch It Button, Plexus Creates A ‘Super Netflix Queue’ For Movies Across The Web (12/13/2011):
"One new startup, called Plexus Entertainment, wants to take the Netflix formula and apply it to a broader scale. In the big picture, Plexus’ goal is to connect films and filmmakers with their audiences, so to do that, they’ve launched “Watch It” in public beta to allow users to keep track of movies they’re interested in, where those movies are playing, and to be proactively notified of all the different ways to view those films. Huzzah!"

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TheWrap/Reuters - 'Super Movie Queue' Bookmarking System Launches (12/15/2011):
"Netflix ... Amazon Instant Video ... iTunes ... SnagFilms ... Redbox ... Movies on Demand ... VUDU ...With so many movie queues, a new bookmarking system is letting users streamline them . . . With the "super movie queue," users can locate, bookmark, track, filter, sort and watch their movie picks across multiple digital-distribution platforms, as well as theaters, DVD and Blu-ray."

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ReelSEO - Watch It Button Will Revolutionize How You Watch Movies (12/15/2011):
"Plexus Entertainment has looked at the Internet and has said, 'If there was only a way people could read a review or watch a trailer for a movie and then click a simple button to be notified when and where that movie becomes available on all the formats I want.' Welcome to the Beta, my friends."

NY1 logoWe received a mention from NY1's "In The Papers" segment (12/29/11). Check us out at 3:05.

Guest Blog Posts

Sundance Institute #Artist Services: David Larkin on (6/11/2014)

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For Hollywood, the future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed (9/23/2013)

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Stop Overpaying for Movies at Home - Best ways to get the films you want quickly and cheaply (6/15/2012) {Note: This will launch a PDF}

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Future of Film: The Real Culture Wars or Hollywood Vs. Silicon Valley (3/5/2012, via: TribecaFilm)

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Sundance/ArtistServices - Make Sure You Have a Plan A for Plan B (1/20/2012)

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TribecaFilm - Future of Film - The Real Culture Wars: Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley (2/24/2012)

TribecaFilm - Future of Film - Filmmakers: Make Sure You Have a Plan A for Plan B (1/23/2012)

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02/16/2012 - ROGER EBERT DEVOTEES TRACK OSCARS THROUGH GOWATCHIT.COM – World’s best-known film critic teams up with Web’s only application that allows tracking of movies across all platforms.

12/13/2011 - Original Watch It Button Launches Online to "Super-Queue" Movie Picks Across Platforms – Plexus Entertainment unveils first, long-awaited option for consumers to track and view movies wherever and whenever they are available –, Variety,, IndieWire and Filmmaker Mag. Sign as Inaugural Partners

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