What are Movie Alerts?

Movie Alerts are reminders that we will send to your email address notifying you of new availabilities for each movie in your queue. This can be especially helpful for you if you found a movie on GoWatchIt that doesn't list a preferred service, or if you'd like to be reminded that a movie you read about is now playing either theatrically, online, or on demand. Simply add that movie to your queue and make sure alerts are turned on for that particular title.

How often will I receive my alerts?

You can opt to receive alerts daily, weekly, per-movie, or never. This can be set on the Preferences page.

  • Daily = We will send you a digest of new movie availabilities for movies in your queue, as soon as availability changes. Most often this would be Wednesdays (for video/online releases and Fridays (for theatrical and select video releases).
  • Weekly = We will send you a weekly digest of new movie availabilities for movies in your queue.
  • Per Movie = We will send you new movie availabilities for each individual movie in your queue (note: this means that instead of a daily digest, you will get one notification per movie. You may also receive multiple emails from us at once.)
  • Never = You will never receive an email from us. Ever.

    Note: You will only be alerted when a movie in your queue is available on a service you care about.

    How can I set my alerts?

    Go to Preferences. In the Services section, check off the services you'd like to hear about. We can alert you to theatrical releases via Fandango, DVD/Blu-ray rental and purchase availability via Amazon, Netflix, or Redbox, Online rental, purchase, or streaming availabilities via Amazon, Netflix, or VUDU, or availabilities from your cable provider's Movies On Demand channel.

    Can I determine for which services I'd like to receive alerts?

    Your alerts are completely customizable via your Preferences. For example, if you only want to know about theatrical releases of your queued movies, make sure that all other services are un-checked. Much the same, if you only care about Netflix Instant availabilities, then make sure to only check off Netflix in the "Online and On Demand" section.

    Can I determine for which movies I'd like receive alerts?

    Yes, you can turn alerts On or Off for particular movies via your Queue.

    I don't see my favorite service! :(

    Don't worry–we're in the process of adding more services!

    You're sending me too many alerts, what can I do?

    You can adjust or cancel your alerts at any time. Either adjust the alerts settings for individual movies from your Queue, or go to your Preferences and choose a setting that better meets your needs.

    I'm concerned about my privacy.

    We are concerned about your privacy, just as much as ours. By opting in to receiving alerts, we will only email you with new movie availabilities. Your information will never be sold to any third party resource for any reason.

    Was the above helpful? Please contact us at support@gowatchit.com for any help, questions, concerns, or comments about our movie alerts.
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