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GoWatchIt for Consumers

GoWatchIt is a movie/television search and universal queue that lets users see all the ways that a movie or television show that they are interested in is available. It lets users quickly add movies and television shows into their own queue, get alerts for any new availability for the films or shows they want to see, and share their queues socially. Consumers can find movies, television shows and other online content across all windows and a growing number of platforms, including:

   •  in theaters;
   •  on network and cable television;
   •  on VOD;
   •  on DVD/Blu-ray; and
   •  from a broad array of online services

GoWatchIt can be accessed at and via the GoWatchIt iPhone and Android mobile apps as well as from the properties of leading media and film industry properties which comprise the large and growing GoWatchIt Network. The combination of the GoWatchIt Network and the breadth of services with content indexed by GoWatchIt across the entire lifecycle of filmed content are critical components of GoWatchIt’s quest to be the only truly universal platform for filmed content discovery and consumption.

In a world a world where content discovery and consumption are separated, viewing habits continue to change and access to content is becoming more fractured, GoWatchIt is becoming an ever more valuable consumer resource.

GoWatchIt for media partners

GoWatchIt enables its partners to offer their end-users information on movie and television show viewing and purchase availabilities across windows and platforms as well as access to the GoWatchIt alert and notification system. This functionality provides added utility to end-users and may be a companion to editorial content or included in advertising units on partner properties.

GoWatchIt offers tools and resources to speed deployment of its functionality on its partner properties whether via its API or its suite of semi-customizable widgets with varying capabilities. All partners become part of the GoWatchIt Network and, as such, are closely supported by the GoWatchIt partner management team and receive reporting on end-user interactions with GoWatchIt assets on their properties.

GoWatchIt for content creators and marketers

GoWatchIt also works directly with film distributors such as RADiUS-TWC, Relativity Media, Cinedigm, IFC Films, Starz Media and many others as well as film festivals such as Sundance Institute and Tribeca Film and industry consortia/societies such as American Film Institute and the Motion Picture Association of America to help present movie and television show availabilities to consumers and gather data about how consumers discover and consume titles. Examples of GoWatchIt functionality deployed by content marketers are:

   •  Widgets and API usage on studio main-sites and official movie pages
   •  Embeddable trailer widgets
   •  Facebook tabs and Twitter cards
   •  Tracking links in advertisements and social media posts
   •  Video advertising integration

GoWatchIt can be easily included in existing marketing activities to convert every interaction with prospective viewers into an opportunity to memorialize their interests and/or a valid call to legal consumption. In the process, GoWatchIt captures unique and consistent data that can be used to more effectively and efficiently inform marketing and other decisions. At GoWatchIt, our thesis is that film and TV marketing needs to change and that every film maker and distributor needs to know who their customers are, what films and shows they like to watch, where they discover them and how and when they prefer to watch them. Through our platform, network and tools, we are uniquely positioned to be the Audience Relationship Management resource for the movie/TV industry and the vehicle through which marketers can directly connect with their fan bases.

GoWatchIt is a division of Plexus Entertainment, LLC.

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