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The Spectacular Now R

2013 ▪ Romance ▪ 99 Minutes

Directed by James Ponsoldt. Starring Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Tim Tharp's unsentimental tale of adolescent frustration comes to the screen in this comedy drama following the story of a sociable high school senior whose self-delusion shattered by his emerging friendship with an unpopular classmate. Sutter Keely is one of the most popular kids in his class. Outgoing and fun-loving, he's completely oblivious as to what awaits him beyond high school. Lately, however, his drinking has started to become a problem. So when Sutter's girlfriend breaks things off, he reaches for the bottle without hesitation. Awakening in the grass under the gaze of studious, practical-minded sci-fi nerd Aimee Finicky, he isn't quite sure how he got into such a predicament. Over time, however, the two teens who couldn't be any more different on the surface realize they have more in common than either ever suspected. Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by mackenziewilson1
on 12/ 7/14

Absolutly amazing!!!!!

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by bmarkjones
on 4/ 4/14

Watched 2/22/14.

Orange Orange Gray Gray Gray
by bmarkjones
on 2/23/14

Watched 2/22/14.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by Newton
on 9/ 8/13

This movie started out as an engaging teens falling in love story, but slowly and subtlety changed it's tone and subject, and became something else. This is a lovely, sad and hopeful movie, with wonderful assured direction and terrifically well acted.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by mackenziewilson
on 9/ 4/13

absolutly amazing!!!!

Orange Gray Gray Gray Gray
by morgie73
on 3/27/14

So, so, so corny. Awful and predictable.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by ivanborodin
on 6/30/13

'The Spectacular Now', directed by James Ponsoldt, dazzled at the LA Film Fest. A funny, moving and relevant coming-of-age story that stayed with me long after I left the theater

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