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The Sessions R

2012 ▪ Comedy-Drama ▪ 98 Minutes

Directed by Ben Lewin. Starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, Moon Bloodgood, Annika Marks, and Rhea Perlman.

A 38-year-old man who has spent most of his life in an iron lung enlists the help of a sexual surrogate in order to lose his virginity in this drama starring Oscar-nominated actor John Hawkes and inspired by the life of poet/journalist Mark O'Brien. With the support of an unconventional priest (William H. Macy) and a devoted team of caretakers, the virginal writer hires a compassionate sex surrogate (Helen Hunt), who finds her life profoundly transformed by their tender sessions.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by robbyh
on 7/13/13

Very good

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by ruckerpl
on 2/21/13

Terrific treatment of a difficult subject.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by ervila119
on 2/13/13

Have a sponge ready.....

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by nahenry61
on 2/ 1/13

Tremendous performaces by William H. Macy and Helen Hunt. Refreshingly frank about sexuality. A very spiritual and tender film.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by Newton
on 1/22/13

A sad and sweet and beautifully acted little movie.

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by michebel
on 1/19/13

Both Hawkes and Hunt were superb. Story itself was really lacking.

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