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The House I Live In NR

2011 ▪ Culture & Society ▪ 110 Minutes

Directed by Eugene Jarecki. Starring Michelle Alexander, Shanequa Benitez, Mark Bennett, Mike Carpenter, and Larry Cearly.

Why We Fight director Eugene Jarecki shifts his focus from the military industrial complex to the War on Drugs in this documentary exploring the risks that prohibition poses to freedom, and the tragedy of addicts being treated as criminals. In the four decades since the War on Drugs commenced, more than 45 millions of addicts have been arrested -- and for each one jailed, another family is destroyed. Meanwhile, the prisons in America are growing overcrowded with non-violent criminals, and illegal drugs are still being sold in schoolyards. By examining just where it all went wrong, Jarecki reveals that a solution is possible if we can just find it in ourselves to be compassionate, and see past the decades of paranoia and propaganda.

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by dennisbush123
on 8/23/13

Left me with the feeling that the decision to make drugs illegal was political

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