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Snowpiercer R

2013 ▪ Science Fiction ▪ 126 Minutes

Directed by Bong Joon-ho. Starring Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, and Octavia L. Spencer.

A post-apocalyptic ice age forces humanity's last survivors aboard a globe-spanning super train. One man (Chris Evans) will risk everything to lead a revolt for control of the engine and the future of the world.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by jimpatterson1
on 11/13/14

Wonderfully dark science future scenario.

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by johnnyin2a
on 9/ 1/14

Didn't live up to the hype.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by bytchplease
on 8/ 5/14

Ups for originality and Swinton's performance, which enable the suspension of belief given some large potholes. Nice to know th hat the Korean custom of eating hard boiled eggs on a train will become universal in the future. :)

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by bobtiki
on 7/22/14

Crazy, but my brand of crazy. Way more exciting than the premise would suggest.

Orange Orange Gray Gray Gray
by bmarkjones
on 7/21/14

Watched 7/12/14

Orange Orange Gray Gray Gray
by dollerds
on 7/18/14

Will probably end up being a cult movie. It is slow, mixed up , and drawn out.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by Natalya
on 7/15/14

very intense and entertaining if you are in the right set of mind (shut down all faculties of your brain that deal with logic)

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by Newton
on 7/ 3/14

A summer acton movie with a difference - an idea in every scene. That may or may not be your cup of tea.

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