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Silver Linings Playbook R

2012 ▪ Comedy ▪ 120 Minutes

Directed by David O. Russell. Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, and Chris Tucker.

David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook stars Bradley Cooper as Pat, a bipolar man from Philadelphia who has spent the last eight months in a mental hospital. He was ordered there after a violent incident involving his wife and another man. Pat moves in with his father (Robert De Niro), a lifelong Eagles fans who has low-level OCD issues. Pat wants to get back together with his wife, even though there is a restraining order keeping him from contacting her. He soon befriends a depressed young woman who's mourning the death of her husband by engaging in compulsive sex with almost everyone she meets; she also knows his wife and offers to deliver a letter of his to her if he acts as her partner in a local dance competition. Silver Linings Playbook screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by mackenziewilson1
on 10/14/15


Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by karenfaivre
on 1/ 4/14

way, way overrated.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by bernardkravitz
on 8/13/13

Funny, endearing--all you'd expect from crazy director o'Russell

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by amrogers58
on 7/16/13

good flick !

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by jaadasante
on 7/ 9/13


Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by Natalya
on 7/ 2/13

Loved it! Bradley Cooper was amazingly great in his role. Lots of laughs and a great story overall. Must see.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by hchavezj
on 2/ 1/13

Great movie. Acting was amazing very impressed with both Bradley Cooper even though I thought he was a good actor already, and Jennifer Lawrence she surprised me. I know have high expectations of her.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by michebel
on 1/19/13

Bradley Cooper in truly his best acting job yet. Jennifer Lawrence is stunningly beautiful and funny. Really enjoyable movie.

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by marianabermudez
on 1/18/13

Really liked the first half of the movie, the rest goes down.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by Newton
on 11/24/12

Silver Linings Playbook has the winning timing and bounce of an old fashioned screwball comedy, but instead of being projected by the effortless charm of Grant and Hepburn, we have the off kilter rhythms and manic intensity of the characters played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, surely the movie couple of the year. It's gloriously funny even as the the laughs often catch in your throat. The actors are all amazing, and David Russell frictionlessly and expertly shapes the film, so that In the end, you just badly want all of these vivid and damaged people to realize just how much they love each other.

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