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Made in China NR

2009 ▪ Comedy ▪ 86 Minutes

Directed by Judi Krant. Starring Jackson Kuehn, Bronwyn Cornelius, Deng Juan, Syna Zhang, and Dan Sumpter.

A self-styled novelty inventor from East Texas creates a "humorous domestic hygiene product" and travels to China in hopes of getting his creation mass-produced. Johnson may be from a small American town, but he's got big international ideas. He's convinced that his product will set the marketplace ablaze if he can just get it produced and marketed, and what better place to make that happen than China. In China, everything has its price and anything is possible. But before Johnson can take the world by storm, he'll first need to navigate the back streets of Shanghai - no easy task for a simple country boy. Upon reaching his destination, Johnson discovers that it takes more than a great idea to strike it rich; it also takes determination, conviction, and the occasional fistful of sneezing powder.

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