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Looper R

2012 ▪ Thriller ▪ 118 Minutes

Directed by Rian Johnson. Starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, and Noah Segan.

A hired gun from the future discovers that his greatest adversary is himself in this twisting sci-fi mindbender starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and directed by Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom). In the year 2047 time travel has yet to be invented. Thirty years later, however, it has. Though immediately outlawed, time-travel technology is quickly appropriated by the mob, and used to cleanly dispose of anyone deemed a threat. The process is simple: When the mob wants someone to disappear, they simply send them back to the year 2047, where an assassin known as a "looper" quickly carries out the hit, and disposes of the body. Joe Simmons (Gordon-Levitt) is one of the most respected loopers around. Each kill earns him a big payday, and he's got big plans to retire to France. Then, one day, as Joe patiently awaits the appearance of his next target near the edge of a remote corn field, he's shocked to come face-to-face with his future self (Bruce Willis). When the younger Joe hesitates, the older Joe makes a daring escape. Now, in order to avoid the wrath of his underworld boss (Jeff Daniels), young Joe must "close the loop" and kill his older counterpart. Meanwhile, the revelation that a powerful crime boss in the future has set the underworld ablaze pits the two Joes on a violent collision course, with the fate of a devoted mother (Emily Blunt) and her young son hanging in the balance. Paul Dano and Piper Perabo co-star.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by LukeRuppSr
on 12/26/14


Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by beverlyzimmermann
on 9/23/13

Great performance by Joseph Gordon Levitt as a young Bruce Willis. Sadly, Bruce Willis' character is just playing Bruce Willis.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by sedacunha
on 6/12/13

Excellent flick...great case. What more can you ask for?!

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by lorepini
on 4/20/13

Nice concept, a little weak on the time travel side, good story.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
on 3/17/13

An action movie masquerading as something else. Some of how time travel is done was unique, but in the end the contradictions bug me nearly as much as Prometheus.

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by ruckerpl
on 2/ 2/13

Blatantly violent, story a bit mediocre.

Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by hchavezj
on 2/ 1/13

Liked it, but was hoping for more.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by mattlissauer
on 2/ 6/13

I'm a sucker for time travel movies, and this is perhaps the most inventive mainstream movie of its genre. It keeps you thinking long after the movie is over, and if that isn't the mark of good cinema, then I don't know what is.

Orange Orange Gray Gray Gray
by goldensylph
on 1/ 5/13

Novel idea, but impossible to smooth out all the inconsistencies and gaps in the plot. Enjoyed the acting and action, but it's a no brainer and its attempts at being clever are skewed into the, "OK. Next blow away scene." Some sci-fi is able to handle the gaps in time travel that come up because of the nature of how they've explained it away or not explained it away. This plot was unable to rationalize or justify it. Maybe others will not notice, but to me it was obvious. Oh well. Star Trek anyone?

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