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Life Itself R

2014 ▪ Culture & Society ▪ 112 Minutes

Directed by Steve James. Starring Roger Ebert, Chaz Ebert, Martin Scorsese, and Werner Herzog.

Life Itself recounts the surprising and entertaining life of renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert. The film details his early days as a freewheeling bachelor and Pulitzer Prize winner, his famously contentious partnership with Gene Siskel, his life-altering marriage, and his brave and transcendent battle with cancer.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by ctmarshall
on 1/ 2/15

An intelligent and warmly done portrait of America's best populist movie critic.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by algeddis
on 8/ 3/14

Love movies, love Roger. Completely entertaining. In spots, almost painful closeups of just how disfiguring his cancer was yet shows how courageously he marched on.

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