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Butter R

2010 ▪ Drama ▪ 91 Minutes

Directed by Jim Field Smith. Starring Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Yara Shahidi, Alicia Silverstone, and Rob Corddry.

Jim Field Smith's gentle satire Butter stars Jennifer Garner as Laura Pickler, the wife of the longtime winner of a local butter-carving contest. When he decides to bow out of this year's competition, she can't imagine the family not having the title, so she begins to train herself. Her biggest rival turns out to be a young adopted African-American girl named Destiny (Yara Shahidi), who has a natural gift for sculpture. As the competition gets more and more fierce, Laura resorts to drastic measures, convincing an old flame to perform some dirty tricks in order to get the upper hand. Butter screened at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Orange Orange Orange Gray Gray
by Newton
on 5/ 7/13

Sly and funny, with some terrific actors playing against type. Some legit laughs and I want to display the basket of cats in my room, if you are in the mood for a cute comedy, definitely worth watching. Underrated.

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