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Blue Caprice R

2013 ▪ Drama ▪ 93 Minutes

Directed by Alexandre Moors. Starring Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond, Joey Lauren Adams, Tim Blake Nelson, and Cassandra Freeman.

The true story of the "Beltway Snipers," who killed ten people in a series of shootings in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., during 2002, is dramatized in this powerful independent psychological study. Lee Malvo (Tequan Richmond) was a seventeen-year-old living in Antigua who had been left to fend for himself by his single mother when he met John Allen Muhammad (Isaiah Washington), an American tourist in his early forties. In John, Lee found a paternal figure willing to give him the guidance and support he'd never received from his family, and when John returned to Tacoma, Washington, Lee joined him. However, Lee would soon come to know another side of John, a man who was filled with rage, endlessly bitter about his failed marriage, and a stern taskmaster whose demands of Lee included increasingly bizarre demonstrations of loyalty. John, an Army veteran, introduces Lee to his old friend Ray (Tim Blake Nelson), and they teach Lee how to use a rifle; when Lee turns out to be an excellent shot, he and John make their way East, where John's vindictive side takes on a new and more destructive form. Directed by French filmmaker Alexandre Moors, Blue Caprice made its American premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

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Orange Orange Orange Orange Gray
by kathleenbessmer
on 11/ 2/13

I probably liked this movie more then others because I was living in the DC Metro area when these shootings were occurring. Very disturbing, but worth watching.

Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
by jameskrieger
on 9/29/13

slow, powerful, understated, dark

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