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A Loss of Innocence NR

1996 ▪ Drama ▪ 120 Minutes

Starring Rob Estes, Michael Milhoan, Polly Holliday, Mike Doyle, and Jennie Garth.

Based on Virginia Sorenson's novel On the Star, this ABC TV movie is set in a small Mormon community in rural Utah. Returning to his home town after many years is Erik Eriksen (Rob Estes), a world-famous piano virtuoso. Although beloved by millions of music fans, Erik is treated with disdain by his family, who resent his popularity and are shocked by his all-consuming passion for his art. The only people who truly "understand" Erik are his brother Jens (Mike Doyle) and Jens' fiancée Chel (Jennie Garth), herself a pianist of no small talent. In keeping with the film's title, innocence is lost beyond recall when Erik, much against his better nature, betrays Jens and enters into a torrid romance with Chel. A Loss of Innocence was first broadcast September 29, 1996.

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