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Outdoor Summer Movie Guide LA 2013

Outdoor Summer Movie Guide: L.A. 2013

Whether it's amongst the sandy dunes on a beach, or atop a hotel in the heart of town, the City of Angels is home to many great outdoor movie events. As a companion to our NY and San Francisco guides, use this guide to find all the outdoor movie events playing across L.A. and surrounding areas, now through the end of September. Grab your kids, your friends, or your loved one and enjoy twilight viewings of some of cinema's classics, recent hits and indie gems. Use our Watch It buttons to not only find event information, but also current availabilities for each movie. You can also add the movies to your GoWatchIt Queue for later viewing, and receive updates when they appear on new movie watching services. And, please come back to at anytime to find your favorite movies and see how to watch them all year long.

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