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Imagine Science Picks

Imagine Science Picks

Founded in 2008, Imagine Science Films (ISF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a high-level dialogue between scientists, artists and filmmakers, breaking stereotypes about scientists and challenging standards for scientific filmmaking. In addition to organizing outreach programs, ISF programs the first film festival started by scientists that blends fiction, documentary, science fiction, and animation. Hand-picked by the staff at ISF, this selection of films effectively incorporates science into a compelling narrative, while maintaining credible scientific grounding.

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Curiosity & Scientific Journeys
Avant-Garde Science
Science for Nanos
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    Slow Derek

    2011   |   8 Minutes

    Directed by:Dan Ojari


    Genre: Drama

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    Directed by:Dara Bratt


Imagine Consciousness
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    56 Up

    2012   |   139 Minutes

    Directed by:Michael Apted


    Genre: Culture & Society

    In the latest installment of this long-running documentary series, which profiles 14 British citi...

    Available on

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    1990   |   121 Minutes   |   PG-13

    Directed by:Penny Marshall

    Starring:John Heard, Julie Kavner, Ruth Nelson, Robin Williams, and Robert De Niro

    Genre: Drama

    Based on a true story as related by neurologist Oliver Sacks, Awakenings stars Robin Williams as ...

    Available on


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